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10 Tips to Winter Wellness

Winter has arrived. Make sure you follow these 10 tips to Winter Wellness.

1. Wash Your Hands
This is the number one thing to do to keep from getting seasonal flus and other nasties out of the immune system. Wash hands every few hours and especially before a meal and after going to the toilet. We seem to forget our important it is and scarily only 75% of females and 60% of males was their hands.

2. Get More Sleep
Getting plenty of sleep is important to avoid your body getting ill in winter. During sleep our immune system regenerates and repairs the body. Natural hormones such as melatonin is released at night and helps to encourage sleep and support immunity. Those that sleep less than 7 hours a night are 3 times more likely to get sick and catch the cold than those who slept more than 8 hours. Aim to be in bed and asleep by 10pm at the latest. Don’t let yourself get run down.

3. Take Multivitamins
Multivitamins have many health benefits. In the short term they can increase energy, reduce stress, help fight infections. Long term they can benefit our immunity and health. Winter is most vital time for multivitamins.

4. Vitamin D
During winter we are exposed to the sun much less and our Vitamin D levels can suffer. Vitamin D is important for strengthening our immune system, and helping with mood and bone health. Foods rich in Vitamin D in clude fatty fish, mushrooms, eggs, soy milk. It is recommended you take a Vitamin D supplement with at least 1000 IU for good immune health daily.

5. Herbal Remedies
Taking olive leaf extract may improve your immune system. Studies show that olive leaf extract which contains oleuropein is effective against disease producing micro-organisms that effect our immunity. Taken daily it reduces risks of upper respiratory tract infections and is a good preventative against acute infections like sore throat, relieves coughs and nasal congestions.

6. Take Probiotics
These help to keep your gut in good health and prevent chronic immune dysfunction. Research shows probiotics help boost immune system and preventing cold and flus. Probiotic foods include fermented vegetables, kefir yoghurt and kombucha tea.

7. Exercise More
Just because it is winter, doesn’t mean we can avoid exercise. It can help stop you from catching the winter bug. Exercising regularly can help your body flush bacteria and waste from the body through the lungs via sweating. The reduces your chances of developing colds and coughs. The key is exercise regularly at moderate intensity and if you are outdoors in the chilly air, remember to rug up.

8. Wear a scarf
Wearing a scarf helps to protect the body from catching a chill. The back of the neck area in Chinese Medicine is called the ‘gate of wind’. By protecting the neck from draughts you reduce your risk of catching a cold from the cool air.

9. Drink Warm Liquids
This is the season to drink warm drinks such as soups, tea and water. Avoid anything too cold as it can make you cough and it not as nourishing as warm liquids. Aim to drink 2L of water each day, try it with a slice of lemon. Also avoid cold foods such as raw salads and ice creams.

10. Save Your Skin
The cold air, wind and heating easily dries up your skin. Keep skin hydrated and soft by using natural oils such as coconut oil or jojoba oil for their moisturising qualities. Book in for a few hydrating facials as it will help soften dry skins.

If you are suffering from a cold or flu this winter or have extremely cold hands and feet, try acupuncture and Chinese medicine. To find our more contact us for information.

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