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Meridians, chakras and energy fields

balancing chakras with tuning forks

What are acupuncture meridians?

These are channels, or pathways, that run through your body, head, face, chest, back, arms, legs and feet. A vital, subtle energy or force is constantly moving along these pathways. This energy force is called qi (pronounced chi in Chinese, Ki in Japanese) and known as Prana in Hindu. These meridians are affected by changes in emotions, lifestyle and diet. This all leads to a change in the frequency and movement of this vital energy, which can lead to it being stuck, deficient or in excess in the various channels.

We have 12 main meridians and eight extraordinary meridians. They run bilaterally along your body, with two running vertically along the mid-line of the front and back of your body. We have a total of 365 main acupuncture points on these meridians and many extra points. These acu-points are also known as small energy gateways or energy portals. During acupuncture, needles are inserted into these energy gateways to increase, decrease, and move the energy within the channel to unblock any stuck energy and allow healing to begin. During regular acupuncture, only acupuncture points along the meridians are used, while in esoteric acupuncture, chakras are used as well.

What are chakras?

These are much bigger acupuncture points. They known as chakras in Hindu, pronounced shak-rars and are known as wheels in Sanskrit. These wheels are located in our astral body, and contain the same energy-light that flows in the meridians, they are vortices of spinning energy that emanate from the spine and run along the mid-line of the body.

There are seven main chakras, each is connected to a different endocrine gland and corresponds to seven different colors with different frequencies. When a meridian is out of balance, it will affect the chakra to which it is connected to. Every emotion is connected and linked to a certain chakra. Once you experience the same emotion for long periods of time, it will lead to imbalance in the energy of this chakra in the astral body that eventually affects the etheric body, this leads to physical pain and discomfort.

Therefore through the use of esoteric acupuncture, sound therapy and crystal healing we are able to balance these energies so our etheric and physical body is free of disease. At Acupuncture & Beauty Centre I incorporate these treatments to ensure you feel your best and get you on your path great health.