Facial Beauty Treatments

Sothys beauty treatments

Your skin is as individual as you are. At the Acupuncture & Beauty Centre in Sydney CBD and Fairfield we offer a range of different facials designed to pamper and treat your skin’s individual needs. We use, sell and recommend Sothys products to our clients, which are designed to treat your skin concerns and deliver the results you are after.

Seasonal Facial
45 mins – $89
This facial is  tailored to each specific season of the year, as your skin alters between the summer and winter months. These treatments are inspired by nature featuring a complex of seasonal fruits. It strengthens and rehydrates the skin with natural minerals and nutrients. Your skin looks and feels invigorated. As a gift, each seasonal treatment comes with a free serum to take home and use to continue the benefits of the treatment at home.

Organic Beauty Facial – Reveal the best from nature
45 mins – $89

Escape the stress of modern times, avoid city pollution, create your own links with nature …  a dream that can now come true. Revealing the best from nature, Sothys organic treatment offers a relaxing moment in time, a “green” escape. Emerge with a supple and revitalised skin… Total relaxation and nature becomes one. The skin is left feeling fresh and radiant.


Institute Treatments

Sothys Institute Facial treatments at Acupuncture & Beauty Centre

Deluxe Ampule Therapy Facial
60 mins – $119
Package of 5 Treatments – $449
This deluxe facial begins with a thorough skin consultation to select the appropriate products for your needs. Your skin is firstly cleansed and exfoliated and a steam treatment is applied, which allows any impurities to come to the surface and be easily and thoroughly extracted. An ampule suiting your skin type is then applied which is infused by a relaxing face, decolletage and neck massage. This is then followed by a therapeutic mask designed for your skin concerns. Whilst the mask is on you also are pampered with a scalp and hand massage for total relaxation. Your treatment is then completed with a softener and moisturiser to suit your skin type followed by a sunscreen. The skin is left feeling rejuvenated and radiant.

Flash Beaute Facial
60 mins – $99
Package of 5 Treatments – $439
This Vitamin C radiance facial treatment provides a powerful pick-me-up cocktail for people on the go! It will restore a radiant complexion glowing with good health. This Vitamin C treatment incorporates anti-oxidant multi-vitamins together with aromas and concentrated essences of orange, mandarin and lemons, and is the ideal antidote for tired, stressed skins. After the treatment it will leave your skin feeling hydrated, energised and glowing.

[W]+ Lightening Facial
75 mins – $149
Package of 5 Treatments – $599
This whitening treatment is a rapid and instant lightening treatment for hyper-pigmented and sun damaged skins. It combines a ‘laser-like’ exfoliation of the skin together with a unique ingredient, MSH-Control which works “upstream” to inhibit melanin production. It includes exfoliation, stimulating massage for the face and hands, pure Vitamin C serum and instant radiance cream. Your skin is left feeling brighter and more radiant.

Hydravance Facial
75 mins – $149
This intense anti-ageing rejuvenating facial treats dehydrated aged skin. It hydrates and balances the ph in the skin, whilst plumping and preventing dehydration and water loss to create a healthier more youthful complexion. It maintains optimal hydration and reinforces the protection of the skin through prolonged water equilibrium. This facial will leave the skin feeling smooth and rehydrated.

Lifting Facial
90 mins – $129
The essence of beautiful youthful skin. This treatment lifts the facial contours and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles one by one. It reinforces and supports cellular defence whilst relaxing expression lines. This is the ultimate in skin resurfacing with high-tech active principles to smooth the skin and relax the tissues.

Collagen Hyaluronic Facial
75 mins – $159
Package of 3 Treatments – $399
Sothys patented anti-ageing treatment, [C] Collagen Hyaluronic  combines exclusive cosmeceutical complex with anti ageing actives and is customised according to specific needs of the skin at various stages of ageing. An individualised treatment by diagnosis and intensity for your skin type. Sothys has created this new cosmeceutical anti-ageing program as an exclusive concept which relies on a professional diagnosis to determine the real age of your skin and to offer an efficient, complete and total customised solution.

[C] Resurfacing Peeling
60 mins – $109
Package of 3 Treatments – $299
This medical grade Hydroxyl acid peeling treatment offers a greater efficiency in exfoliation and cellular renewal. This intense AHA/bHA combination is great for ageing, pigmented or acne skins.

Mango Skin Resurfacer
35 mins – $99
Package of 3 Treatments – $250
A resurfacing treatment, excellent for sensitive, dry skin, hyper-pigmentation, acne and aged skin. Makes skin extremely smooth and soft to touch, reduces pores.

Glycolic 40% Stem Cell Peel
35 mins – $99
Package of 3 Treatments – $250
A powerful anti-oxidant treatment with stem cell technology to decrease fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture.

Winter Warmer Facial
60 mins – $119
This hydro-thermic facial is great for dry dehydrated winter skins. The mask is infused with a self-heating action which increases hydration and plumps skin. Face is left feeling silky soft, supple and moisturised.

Eye Contour Treatment
30 mins – $69
Designed to specifically combat the aging of the eye contours. It smooths out fine lines by re-hydrating and protecting. Dark circles and puffiness around the eyes appear lightened and reduced. Designed to combine science and nature, it incorporates specific massage movements to assist in the alleviation of aging around the eye contour zone.

Detoxifying & De-stressing Men’s Treatment
60 mins – $119
The Sothys Homme detoxifying and de-stressing treatment represents the ultimate in de-stressing the mind, stimulating concentration and providing total relaxation… a ZEN SENSATION. The treatment involves a deep cleanse and hydration to target specific skin concerns. The treatment involves a peel off mask with ginseng and vitamin C to intensify results. It also includes a specific massage targeting the scalp, back of the neck, head and face using a unique Sothys massage method to induce deep relaxation. After the treatment you will feel complete and total relaxation and serenity, with a smoother youthful skin appearance.


Body Treatments

Massage and Relaxing Facials at Acupuncture & Beauty Centre

Chinese Remedial Massage
30 mins – $45 (Back, Neck, Shoulders)

60 mins – $80 (Full Body)
Chinese remedial massage for injuries and tension around back, neck and shoulders. This massage also includes the use of hot stones, which is able to retain heat and assist in the relaxation of tight muscles. A specialised massage using harmonic movements to balance the body’s energies and aid circulation. You will feel a renewed sense of relaxation and well-being.


Cosmetic Beauty Treatments

Eyelash Extensions
Full Set (natural silk fibres) – $125

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent, synthetic silk fibres, available in a several sizes. These lashes are individually grafted (glued) to your natural lash.

It is glued with a non-irritating medical glue that will remain bonded for the duration of your natural lashes approx. 4-5 weeks. Eyelash Extensions have taken Australia by storm direct from Korea and Hollywood.

Make-up & Hair
Visit the Radiant Brides website for more information. Eli is a professional makeup artist and hair stylist for weddings and special occasions.

Organic Australian Skincare
Eli also has her own range of organic Australia skincare products Pearl Pureness. These are paraben free, SLS free, petro-chemical free. These are sourced from the highest quality ingredients for your skin. Visit Pearl Pureness to purchase the best for your skin.

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