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Feb 2016
Year of Fire Monkey 2016

February 8, 2016 will be the beginning of The Red Fire Monkey. Monkeys are fun loving characters. This year is likely to be an exciting and interesting year. This year is the Fire element, fire

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Jun 2015
Dangers of Dairy

dangers of dairy

Is it time to ditch dairy? About 75% of the world’s population is genetically unable to properly digest milk and dairy products, or lactose intolerant. Many of us are brought up on the idea that

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May 2015
How to have more Energy Everyday

adrenal faitgue

Do you feel tired all the time? Lethargic? Drained by the end of the day? Do you need a coffee to get going in the morning? Are you always stressed? Do you have restless sleep?

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Apr 2015
Love Your Liver

WHY YOU SHOULD LOVE YOUR LIVER You have one of the hardest-working, most efficient multi-taskers right inside your own body – your liver. This busy organ performs over 500 functions to support your body, so

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