Chinese Herbal Medicine

Eli at her Fairfield clinic

Eli preparing some Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbal Medicine Clinic Sydney

Chinese Herbal Medicine effectively treats a vast range of health conditions, and it is common to use them in conjunction with acupuncture. Herbs are used to help maintain general health and wellbeing, as well as preventing a variety of chronic illness. If you are looking to promote your general health whilst boosting your immune system or to treat a chronic or acute disease, a Chinese medicine clinic – such as Acupuncture & Beauty Centre – can put you on the right track.

Chinese herbal medicine utilises over 500 different plants and minerals. It has been found that herbs provide a number of health benefits by regulating and treating the body’s imbalances. Through the 5 different flavours of the herbs and their actions on the various parts of the body, it is able to treat many illnesses and disease and restore the body’s health. At Acupuncture & Beauty Centre, we prescribe them in accordance with a patient’s particular symptoms or ailment, ensuring the best possible results. It’s common to combine a number of herbs based on a patient’s condition – and since one’s condition often changes over time, the formula or quantity of herbs are often adjusted to reflect this.

Chinese herbs can be toxic in large doses, as they contain active principles. They should be treated like pharmaceutical drugs. Extracts contain plant materials with pharmacologically active constituents. When used in conjunction with conventional medicine it is important to be aware of their interactions. It’s important that the practitioner knows all medication that the patient is concurrently taking, including vitamins and minerals.

Traditionally, herbs are slowly cooked in a ceramic pots and the resulting liquid decoction is used. However, Eli uses Chinese herbs that are in liquid, pill, granulated or powdered forms, making it convenient, easy and quick to take. There is no need for the hassle of boiling raw herbs anymore. Granulated herbs are very concentrated and easily absorbed by the body.

Any herbs that are either endangered animal or plant products are not used in this clinic.


If you’re looking for a Chinese medicine clinic in Sydney that can help improve your health and wellbeing, contact Acupuncture & Beauty Centre today.