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Dangers of the Flu Vaccine

I believe there are times when vaccinations are necessary, however some vaccinations are not and even dangerous to our health. The flu vaccine is one of those that is worse off for us rather than beneficial.

The flu vaccine uses compounds which haven’t been proven safe, when there are so many more effective natural alternatives to boost your immune system against the flu.

This vaccine is more a money maker than anything else. Many health experts believe it’s more important to avoid the flu vaccine than getting the actual flu itself.

And these are the reasons why:

    1. Ineffectiveness: There is a complete lack of evidence that young kids benefit from the flu shot. A study of 260,000 children age 6-23 months found there was no evidence the flu vaccine was any more effective than placebo. It only protects you from certain strains of the virus, so you can still get the flu if you come in contact with different strains.
    2. Serious Health Problems: Medical journals have published articles that vaccines can lead to serious health problems such as harming the immune systems response to infection. It can increase the body’s susceptibility to the disease that we are supposed to protect against.
    3. Strains of the flu: The flu vaccine actually contains strains of the flu virus along with other ingredients. Therefore when it comes in contact with someone who has a suppressed immune system it can lower the body’s ability to fight the virus itself. Getting the flu shot will actually put your body at greater risks of getting the full blown effects of the flu and increase your susceptibility to pneumonia and other contagious illnesses.
    4. Lowers Immunity: After children get vaccinated, usually within a few days or weeks they can develop runny noses, ear infections and bronchiolitis. This is because the virus has been introduced to their bodies whilst lowering their immunity. It is not immunising the body but making the body more sensitive against the virus.
    5. Mercury: The flu vaccine actually contains mercury which is very toxic to human health. It usually is at a very high dose, higher than the allowed daily exposure. Mercury toxicity has been shown to cause memory loss, depression, digestive issues, respiratory problems, cardiovascular problems and much more serious illnesses.
    6. Alzheimer’s: There is evidence that the flu vaccine can cause Alzheimer’s. One report showed people who received the flu vaccine for 3-5 years had 10 times more chances of getting Alzheimer’s than those who didn’t get the shot.
    7. Weakens Immunity: It is extremely dangerous for the elderly to get the flu vaccine. As we age, our immune system is weakened, therefore it lowers our body’s ability to fight off infections. Getting the flu virus in the elderly could be dangerous if they are not able to fight off the virus.
    8. It’s all about the money:The flu vaccine has little to do with improving your health and well-being. The authorities and governing bodies pushing the flu vaccine stand to make billions.
    9. Harmful Ingredients: Evidence shows that the flu vaccine contains very harmful ingredients and materials such as detergent, mercury, formaldehyde and strains of the live flu virus. These have been shown to cause serious neurological disorders and can cause permanent nerve damage. ARE YOU WILLING TO PUT YOUR BODY AT RISK?
    10. Guessing Game: Each year, trying to predict the strain to vaccinate against each season is just a guessing game. Such as the H1N1 strain. Getting multiple-shots is more dangerous to the body as you introduce more strains of viruses to the body and extremely harmful ingredients as well.

Therefore, the flu vaccine is much more dangerous to your body than you think. The best way to protect against the flu is through natural methods rather than getting the vaccination. The government is better off spending that money educating the public on natural alternatives to boost our immune system without harming the body through the flu vaccine.

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