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Face Reading For Your Health with Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine Face Reading Map

In Chinese Medicine, when illness arises in our body, our whole body is treated and not just the signs and symptoms.

Our faces are an extension of our body, so when we read faces, Tradition Chinese Medicine believes that the face can tell a lot about a person’s health, past and future life experiences.

Face reading is used to evaluate a person’s overall health, it can help determine when a person may be likely to fall ill or any pre-dispositions towards a particular type of illness such as increased risk of heart attacks or stomach related problems.

The skin is also one of the largest organs in our bodies, so when it starts acting up, this is an indication of something going on inside the body that is out of balance that we may be unaware of and this can show up on our face as well.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine have mapped out that each part of our face indicates what is going on with certain organs inside our body, and when imbalances occur in those areas such as the forehead or cheeks, this is a sign that we need to address those issues associated with that organ or imbalance.

Therefore when we notice rashes, pimples, pigmentation and redness we should look at what is going on internally within our body.
Face Reading with Chinese Medicine
A Healthy Face has the following features:

  • Ears with a skin colour which is lighter than that on other parts of the face
  • Long fleshy ears that do not protrude too much
  • Coral-pink coloured lips
  • Eyes that have a twinkle, bright, lively with white clear pupils.
  • A tall nose with a strong bridge with no lumps or bumps, lines or moles
  • A long, deep, wide philtrum (area under nostrils and upper lip)

A Poor Health Face has the following features:

  • Ears with skin colour that are darker than skin on rest of face
  • Small ears
  • Pale, dry and wrinkled lips, or dark purple lips
  • A nose with lines, grooves, moles, dark purplish tip
  • Eyes that look tired, dull, sleepy, drowsy with red around the pupils
  • A low nose bridge
  • Deep-set lines and wrinkles on the face, especially forehead area
  • A shallow, flat or short philtrum (area under nostrils and upper lip)
Chinese Medicine Face Reading Map

Face Reading Map with Chinese Medicine

Indications of Potential Illness

Gastro-Intestinal Problems: these are marked by a mole in the centre of the nose bridge. The bigger the mole the more pronounced the stomach and intestinal problem.

Cardiovascular Problems: this is indicated by a light blue ring around the pupils and accompanied by a line on either or both earlobes, eyes can look dull and withdrawn in problem is more serious.

Kidney Problems: the ear colour indicates potential kidney problems.

Fertility, Gyne, Prostate Problems: these are indicated by tight, flat, short philtrums. In women, a dark eye bags can also indicate fertility problems.

Depression: the eyes are the most obvious indication of a person’s mental state. If they look gloomy, tired, without spirit or brightness this can indicate depression in the future.

Your face can and will change over time, if a person tries hard to manage their health, diet and lifestyle their face will start to show signs of improvement, if a person neglects their health it will show the reverse and signs of poor health will appear on the face.

Your Facial Map

Forehead Area: Small Intestine and Bladder Reflex

When you see a change, markings, lines in this area it can indicate a weakness or imbalance in your digestive system and bladder function.

When we do not eat properly, skip meals, eat too much fatty foods, drinking too much alcohol or eat too much sugar in our diets this can cause the digestive system to not function properly. Excessive stress and worry, late nights can are also be a cause.

Therefore get at plenty of good quality sleep, drink at least 2 L of water daily, reduce alcohol intake and eat fresh healthy foods.

Mid Brow: Liver Reflex

This is indicated by a deep line in the middle of the eyebrows. Stress, poor diet and too much alcohol can lead to markings here.

Therefore you need to treat your liver, de-stress with yoga, meditation and reduce alcohol and too much red meat and protein. Your Liver may be overworked and not properly detoxifying the body.

Ears and Under the Eyes: Kidney Reflex

Too many late nights, insomnia, stress, smoking, excessive alcohol intake, too much coffee, poor circulation, adrenal fatigue can indicate the Kidneys are out of balance.

Therefore to improve your Kidneys, drink more warm water, reduce coffee intake, salt, sugar and alcohol. Try and get more quality sleep.

Tip of Nose: Heart Reflex

Poor digestive system, constipation and sluggish bowels, digestive complaints, poor blood circulation, high blood pressure, impending heart attack can show up with dark purplish red discolouration on the tip of the nose.

If you have high blood pressure, make sure to get your blood pressure to within the normal limits. Reduce high fat foods and alcohol in your diet, do more exercise.

Cheeks and Lips: Stomach & Large Intestine Reflex

Bad diet and not enough water will cause problems in the stomach and intestines to block up. Too much fat, sugar and stimulants will affect this area.

Make sure you clean out the digestive system by eating more vegetables and drinking more water.

Cheeks: Lungs Reflex

Smoking, bad diet, too much spicy food, asthma, pollution, food allergies which affect the lungs can be shown up in this reflex.

Make sure to get fresh air, reduce spicy food, treat your food allergies and stop smoking to help the lungs recover.

Understanding Your Health from Your Face

Chinese Medicine uses face reading to diagnose your health. However, medication, allergies, genetic predisposition, diet and lifestyle can all affect one’s health. Therefore see a Chinese Medicine practitioner or Acupuncturist to help your further understand the cause of your disease and treat the problems before it gets worse.

At Acupuncture and Beauty Centre, Eli who uses Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture is able to assist you with your health concerns as well as the face and get you looking younger and feeling healthier today.