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Jade Rollers

Jade roller
Jade rollers have been used by the Chinese Emperors and Empresses since before the 12th century. In fact they have been found in the tombs of Chinese emperors, and some can today be found on display as part of the bedroom necessities of the Emperor in the Forbidden City. Chinese royalty used the rollers to maintain smooth, young and ageless faces.

Today the rollers have been rediscovered by European and American jet-setters to attain those same results. Jade rollers may also help with sinus congestion and pain, and to relieve puffiness in the under-eye area.

Beneifts of jade

Jade is a cleansing stone, it can help aid the body’s filtration and help eliminate and expel toxins from the organs. It is renowned as the stone for the kidneys.

Jade is also a cooling stone, it is able to soothe the nervous system. It helps to release negative thoughts and it may become darker in colour as it absorbs your body’s negative energy. It is believed to stabilise personality and soothe the soul as green is the colour of the heart chakra.

It is also used as a protective stone. It encourages the self to shine through, whilst channeling passions in a constructive harmonious way.

Used on the face and throat daily, it is able to reduce irritability, smooth the skin and reduce sinus congestions. Used daily on the face, throat and décolletage, regular rolling will help stimulate lymphatic drainage, improve the circulation to the face and neck and enhance the complexion and radiance of the face. It is able to re-contour the face, improve skin tone and elasticity, tighten pores and reduce puffiness.

Using the roller for facial care and massage

Using jade rollersThe roller is moved with just the weight of the roller pressing on the skin. No additional pressure is needed or of extra benefit. Start from the centre of the forehead, moving either left or right, begin at the hairline, rolling slowly towards the other ear with the big roller using big broad sweeps. Repeat 3 to 6 times over the same area, then move down to the next area.

Continue next to the eye area with the smaller roller side. The eye roller will improve lymphatic drainage and puffiness around and under the eyes, the most common blockage, and dark circles.

Continue rolling in strips from the corner of the eye to the ear with the small roller.

Next place the roller vertically into the inner corner of the eye, using a gently rocking motion pressing lightly to encourage drainage in the eye area and puffiness. Repeat this 3 times in a clockwise direction.

Below the eye, use the large roller, work from the nose out to the ear. Continue with upper lip, lower lip and the chin. At the chin, follow along the lower jaw line to under the ear lobe. Then repeat with the other side. When finished, using the large roller, make sweeping rolls from under the chin to the collar bone working out to the side of the neck and starting each sweep from the chin. It is said that the frequent use of the rollers increases blood flow, aiding circulation, fine lines and skin texture.

For simus pain and pressue

Dampen a washcloth with warm/hot water and place over your forehead, eyes and cheekbones. Then, starting just above your eyebrows, using the smaller roller, roll from the center of your face as indicated above and continue down to just below your cheekbones. It is said that you will feel immediate reduction in pressure.

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