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Tips to living a Long Healthy Life

People in certain areas of the world are living well over 100. Some areas average 120 years old. It is about health span rather than focusing on life span. Looking at areas that are the leading cause of ageing and how we can adopt healthy life habits to live to 100 years plus. Foods and habits that the longest living people in the world eat such as Sardinia Italy, Loma Linda California, Costa Rica, Greece, Okinawa Japan.

Longevity Tips:
1. Inflammation is the leading cause of ageing ( 2017). Caused by “injury, infection, irritation, imbalance” (4 I’s) linked to every single disease state. (-itis)
• Injury – suddenly stop exercising, sports and hobbies
• Infection – triggers immune system response, long term inflammation
• Irritation – caused by toxins in our environment and food allergies
• Imbalance – nutritional deficiencies, minerals eg: iron, zinc, hormonal imbalances
Women with decline in estrogen and progesterone, thyroid – puts on weight within few months.
2. Inflammation linked to every single disease state (-itis) eg. arthritis, bursitis, colitis, dermatitis.
3. Swapping out bad foods for good foods. Eg. Chocolate. Don’t eat conventional milk chocolate, high in sugar, trans fats, causes inflammation. Opt for raw cacao, extremely dark chocolate which is good for the brain, high in anti-oxidants, prevents memory decline, reduces heart disease by 1/3. Raw chocolate/dark choc has 70-80% cocoa butter.
22% less likely to suffer a stroke if consume rich amounts of the right choc.
Ice-cream, switch to coconut ice cream. Normal ice-cream in Chinese medicine is triple death (cold, mucus forming, high in sugar). More natural fats, helps preserve memory.
Bread, switch to psyllium, flax seed, chia seeds – high in fatty fibrous substances.
Salt – table salt robs your body of minerals! Worse type of salt. Use pink Himalayan salt which has over 65 different trace minerals, helps to recharge the body, give you energy, make the brain work, fuel the body.
4. Sugar is the single biggest cause of inflammation in body. Biggest cause of AGEING at the cellular level!
5. Avoid highly refined inflammatory foods. Such as processed/packaged foods. They contain additives, sugars, artificial colours, preservatives.
6. We are starving our bodies of nutrition. We eating food like products not real nutritional foods. Eating lots of carbs, salt, sugar, bad fats.
7. Eat foods with different flavours (5 flavours – bitter, sweet, spicy, sour, pungent) not just one flavour. Bitter flavours like coffee, chocolate. Sour like lemons or apple cider vinegar helps ease digestion, moves our bile flow.
8. Exceptional longevity foods are high mineral diets from the sea. Eg Seaweed (Okinawa Japan) very high in minerals, sea salt helps to extend life span
Magnesium helps to run over 100 things in the body. Enzymes important to our mind to relax, reduce stress. Zinc important to hormones (in seafood). We need 25mg of zinc daily. Helps women with progesterone and estrogen. Lots of seafood and seaweed. If vegetarian have lots of nuts and seeds.
9. 1 in 3 women globally are anemic. We need iron to carry oxygen in our blood and also assist memory. Eat dark green leafy, blackstrap molasses.
10. Eat a lot of legumes. Longest living humans eat high legume diet. Eg black beans of Costa Rica, azuki beans of Japan. They are high in iron, mg, fibre.
11. Eat plenty of dark greens. Longest living humans have 60% more of their diets are plant based. High alkaline diet Acidic diet wears you down and causes inflammation, increases pain, zaps your minerals.
12. Have lots of prebiotic foods. They feed the good bacteria in our gut lining. Eg artichokes, asparagus, root vegies like burdock root.
13. Have probiotics eg yoghurt, pickles, sauerkraut, kimchi. It helps to establish good bacteria that is good for immune system and makes you happy. Increases serotonin which 95% is made in the gut.
If taken a course of anti-biotics takes 2 years for the microbiome in the gut to recover because it kills all the good bacteria.
14. Remove white flour, white sugar, coffee, excess alcohol as these all rob your body of nutrients.
15. Have high amounts of omega 3, vegetarians can take spirulina. Great for anti-inflammation, has EPA which is great for joints, your gut, brain health, reduces depression and Alzheimer’s. The Number 1 for longevity.
16. Reduce our stress in life. Anti-inflammatory foods reduce our response to stress. 70% of people becoming ill from stress.
17. Bone broth soup great for collagen, anti-ageing, rich in minerals (add apple cider vinegar to bring out all the good minerals)
18. Goji berries. Only food in the world with lithium, which is great for mood balance and the brain, good for aneamia
19. Eat lots of avocados which are high in Vitamin B6. Helps metabolise estrogen, moves it from the liver, reduces cancer. (Birth control pills reduces B6) also high in monounsaturated fats and omega3.
20. 4 Habits in common of centenarians (4 Pillars of Longevity):
1. Spiritual connection – connect to a higher power, major community, keeps them real
2. Exercise/Movement – sitting is the new smoking. Shortens our life by 6 years when we sit all day. Get moving every hour (7 mins)
3. Have a Purpose – give back to the community, charity, looking after grandkids.
4. Eat to Thrive – eat your natural diet, follow the seasons, organic fresh produce. Eg mushrooms, berries, olives, fish.
Remember: Eat a high alkaline, mineral rich diet. Foods with omega 3, have a good digestive function by taking prebiotics and probiotics!

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