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Year of Fire Monkey 2016

February 8, 2016 will be the beginning of The Red Fire Monkey. Monkeys are fun loving characters. This year is likely to be an exciting and interesting year. This year is the Fire element, fire brings passion, creativity, and joy. Be adaptable and versatile this year which are great traits for Monkey year and expect the unexpected and don’t become complacent.

This year is great for enhancing your health and vitality. It brings abundant energy and joy. However if not careful health can also suffer due to the intensity of fire.

The lungs, skin, respiratory and digestive system will be more problematic this year as they belong to the metal organ. Be careful to watch your diet and eat well especially if you are suffering digestive problems. With the fire element so strong, dehydration, IBS and constipation can cause issues. Colds and flus are also more prevalent and watch that it doesn’t turn into more serious infections such as bronchitis, laryngitis, throat infections, sinus or pneumonia. Ensure you drink plenty of water and do not get dehydrated.

Allergies and asthma can also flare up to those are sufferers, with skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, shingles and cold sores flaring up. With the increased fire energy so fierce, there is risks for angina and heart disease for those with weak hearts. Since fire drains water, people with kidney and bladder issues may also encounter more cystitis, kidney infections.

Insomnia may also be common this year. Make sure you get plenty of rest as the nervous system will get run down as we all try and do too much. This year will bring excellent health to those that keep up with exercise, eat well and rest.

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