The Prevalence of Skin Issues

Skin complaints are a common problem which can sometimes affect your self-esteem, cause pain and distress. Some common symptoms include patches of red, itchy and inflamed skin. This may include Eczema, Acne and other skin issues.

Many people are seek help from their GP or dermatologist. However, some choose to seek alternative or natural therapies when western medications such as corticosteroids are not suitable for their condition anymore or cause them unpleasant side-effects.

In babies and kids, skin issues can affect their quality of life. This also includes the life of their parents too if unresolved, as they try and find a solution.

Some skin problems could be a result of an autoimmune disease, which occurs when the immune system is not working properly and sees its own cells as dangerous. For some people, itchy, scaly and red patches could cover a large majority of the body and cause extreme discomfort for them.

At the clinic, we use a more holistic approach to treating skin complaints, without the side effects of conventional drugs.

Holistic Treatment for Skin Complaints

Eli Huang understands the skin and immune system. As a beauty therapist for over 18 years, she is experienced in skin and dermatology issues. She has an interest and is passionate about supporting her clients with their skin conditions. In her clinic and salon she combines the use of AcupunctureChinese Herbal Medicine, skincare, light therapy, beauty facials all together for dermatological and skin conditions for her clients.

Individualized diet and lifestyle changes are also extremely important. These are discussed during the treatment, to further help improve the health and your skin condition. A course of individual treatments along with other complementary therapies may be needed to assist with your specific skin concern.

If you suffer from acne, eczema, or any skin related problems, download my list of ‘natural tips’ that may help reduce your acne: Tips for Acne Skin