The Qi Patch kits contain three months treatment supply of Qi magnets, a Qi beauty face matrix map and instructions for patch application.

The Qi stimulators each consists of 24ct gold plated spheres, which are designed specifically to be the correct gauss (strength) and polarity for skin. The hypo-allergenic self-adhesive tape makes application safe and easy. Gold is used for qi stimulation because of its famous tonifying properties, which are especially important in this application. It is the superior metal for achieving the best anti-ageing results for your skin. It also helps maintain the effects of your Qi Beauty Facial.

The beauty of this system is that it takes only a minute to apply the 12 magnets to the skin after cleansing. No spending time with a complicated routine. Simply clean the skin as usual, press the patches onto the skin in accordance with the face map supplied. Then dab your usual moisturizer over your face. It’s that simple!

If you are looking for natural and effective skincare products that are compatible with sensitive, dry, damaged and aged skin visit pearlpureness.

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The Qi Patch system is available at the Acupuncture & Beauty Centre’s Fairfield and Sydney city clinics.
Contact Eli for more information.

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