1. What age can I start the Qi facial?
You can start this facial at any age.

2. How often do I require this facial?
Depending on your skin, the Qi beauty facial is recommended every 2-3 weeks for mature skin then reduced to monthly treatments to maintain a plumped, hydrated and clear complexion.
For younger skin, the Qi beauty facial is recommended monthly to help protect the skin and guard against premature ageing.

3. Are there any side-effects?
There are no known side effects, however this facial is not recommended for pregnant women, those with metal implants or who have a pacemaker.

4. How do I maintain the effects?
Each facial builds on the last to continue the anti-ageing benefits of qi stimulation. With a home kit it will also help to support the results of your Qi beauty facial.

For more information visit: www.mingfacial.com

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