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Minerals & Heavy Metal Testing

Have you ever wondered if you were taking the right supplements or perhaps missing certain ones in your diet?
Have you been exposed to heavy metals and is this affecting your health?

At Acupuncture & Beauty Centre we have an advanced and innovative medical device that could analyse and scan your body in less than a minute and provide you a comprehensive analysis of your mineral deficiencies or excesses?

Mineral Deficiency

Minerals play a key role in the proper functioning of the body. Deficiency minerals and trace elements is a major factor to poor performance, tiredness, vulnerability to stress, decreased concentration or mental capacity. It is extremely important to control the levels of minerals in the body so the body is functioning optimally.

Toxic Metals

There are increasing dangers to huge exposures to toxic agents and heavy metals. Either transmitted by air pollution, ground water and soil or food, contamination is becoming increasingly dangerous and we are reaching toxic levels in our body. This leads to decline in health and possible chronic health risks. Toxic metals also cause oxidative stress in our bodies.

Oxidative Stress & Free Radicals

Oxidative stress is a type of aggression of the cell components by free radicals. It is responsible to ageing and many other chronic diseases.

With the Oligoscan, the testing is pain less, results are received within a minute and you receive a full report assessing the body’s overall health for $125.

Speak to us today about how this may help you.