Year Of White Metal Rat 2020

On January 25, 2020 is the start of the Chinese Year of the White Rat. This is the start of a new 12 year as well as 60 year cycle and is considered the beginning of a new era.

It is also the start of a new decade, all of which makes it an important year for new beginnings and new possibilities. This is the time to start new ideas, new possibilities, new opportunities that come your way and time to say yes more. It is the time to reinvent and start fresh.

Rats in Chinese astrology are considered clever animals, they always have the ability to find food. People born in the Year of the Rat are usually sociable, charming, funny and adaptable. The year of the Ray favours the young, people will feel younger and livelier.

This year is a more peaceful year than previous ones. Those who have suffered in the past few years will see great reward. The metal aspect of this year brings a sense of youthfulness not seen in many years. “Peach Blossom Luck” is ripe this year bringing in charm, love, playfulness and abundance.

Rats are known for having lots of babies, so those trying to fall pregnant will see success and possibly an increase in multiple births.

An interesting metaphor of 2020 implies that people will be able to “see” better, 20-20 vision and will have more clarity about what is true, especially in relation to past events.

This year is good for start-ups especially in the area of technology and also for getting a steady job. People will also be accumulating more personal wealth.

It will be a successful year especially for those who work with metal, such as manufacturing, mining and automotive industries. Also a good year for health practitioners, interior designers and creative people will feel extremely inspired due to the Water element and will flow through into writing, music, arts, photography and design professions. For others, they will feel a hugely ambitious this year as they take charge and take on new roles and responsibilities as Metal represents ‘power and might’, but we also need to be disciplined and have goals and be consistent.

This year is an extremely good year for improving one’s health. You will feel more energy, alive, vibrant and active. People with minor health complaints will see them clear up easily and those with more serious chronic issues will see it stabilise as ‘Yang Metal’ is known in Chinese medicine to relate to the immune system and especially the Lungs. If you do get sick this year, you will find you recover much faster and easily, even those with broken bones will heal faster. Try to sleep more, and those with insomnia should see it improve this year also.

The new year also sees people want to take charge and improve their health. You will want to exercise more particular swimming, yoga and pilates and eat healthier. In terms of diet, eat more warm cooked foods this year which are better and easier for digestion. Drinking hot teas like lemon and honey, warm soups and stews, steam foods and chicken and bone broths are also great for enhancing the immune system.

This year is an extremely lucky year for wealth for those born as Ox, Dragon and Monkey. For those who aren’t born in those year it would help boost your luck by carrying an Ox charm.

There is a sense of independence due to the metal, you will feel the need to have stronger boundaries in relationships.

Burning candles or buying fresh flowers this year can help enhance the Fire element around the homes and office space.

Intuition and a sixth sense will be heightened this year as we gain more insight and messages through dreams and meditations. There is a desire to think more deeply about things and to share them with people you trust this year.

Lastly, the Rat is a social animal. Take the time to enjoy social gatherings with family and friends. It will be a dynamic and fast moving year, mother nature will be in charge and can be extremely temperamental so be prepared and vigilant. But luckily for most people this year will see enhanced health, energy and vitality